This was AIxIA 2019

Artificial Intelligence meets Intelligence Artificielle

Thank you for participating in the first French-German conference on the application of artificial intelligence!

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AIxIA: AI Conference

Artificial Intelligence meets Intelligence Artificielle

Thank you for participating in the first French-German conference on the application of artificial intelligence!

On October 1 & 2, 2019 over 300 participants from France, Germany and the world met in Karlsruhe to discuss the application of Artificial Intelligence. The conference focused on real existing AI applications and addressed the needs of companies. In the form of concrete use cases, panel discussions and workshops the participants gained inspiration on how to apply AI for their business.

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Jean-Louis Queguiner

CTO Data & AI at OVH

Keynote I: Why European champions are key to strengthen our AI ecosystem?

Graduated in computer science at University of Québec in Canada and in Mechanical engineering at Arts et Metiers ParisTech, Jean-Louis held several positions in various industrial environments and worked as CTO for Auchan retail international.


Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt

Founder and Chief Scientist of Blue Yonder

Keynote II: AI as Chance for Sustainability and Fairness

Prof. Feindt’s main experience and most successful research work is data driven software development, understanding and learning effects through data analysis, usage, further development and discovery of new multivariate statistical algorithms and respective software (today labelled “predictive analytics” or “machine learning’’) in big data environments.

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Antoine Blondeau

Alpha Intelligence Capital

Keynote III: Artificial Intelligence – Hype or Reality?

Antoine Blondeau is co-founder and Managing Partner of Alpha Intelligence Capital, a venture capital firm investing in deep algorithmic science-based Artificial Intelligence companies, globally. A seasoned entrepreneur and investor, Antoine has 25 years of experience in the technology industry, having held senior leadership positions at Good Technology,, and Sybase.

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Check out our various Panel sessions on the application of AI – how does artificial intelligence influence our daily (working) life? Concrete Use Cases from practitioners will open up this “black box” of potential.

AI & Technologies

AI technology has led to major improvements in human-like perception of machines. Natural language processing and image recognition are reliably used in commercial applications today and only the beginning of possibilities and methods businesses can apply.

AI & Business

AI can provide a competitive advantage in most industries. The possible applications penetrate any business areas. From “intelligent” chatbots to predictive analytics, AI is on the advance. Hence, the impact of AI on Businesses will be transformative. What will future professions look like and how can we leverage the most of humans and AI working together?

AI & Ethics

With great power comes great responsibility. AI technology has challenged the status quo of humans as decision maker. What is the best (European) way to tackle those future-oriented decisions that need to be made for a “humane” symbiosis of AI and Humans?

AI industry solutions: Production

Digitalization of production systems has enabled the massive gathering of data. AI can make meaningful use of this data. From predicting malfunctions of machines and finding root causes to new methods in quality assurance, there is great potential. Close human-robot collaboration is on the advance. AI can reinforce the collaboration by “humanizing” the robot behaviour. To what extent is this already reality in production?

AI industry solutions: Mobility

What modes of transport will we use in the future? AI has the prospect to play a major role and help solve current mobility problems. Check out the latest developments presented in this session.

AI industry solutions: Retail/E-Commerce

Possible applications of AI encompass the entire product and service cycle in Retail. From supply chain planning (85%) and demand forecasting (85%), to customer intelligence (79%), AI will revolutionize retail. — IBM, 2019


Main Host

Katrin-Cécile Ziegler

Katrin-Cécile is a digital economist, speaker and journalist. She has been involved with the digital transformation for 15 years, has served as a leader in various sectors for many years, and is a multiple media award winner.
From 2009-2017 Katrin-Cécile worked as Editor-in-chief and Newsanchor of a southern German TV station.
As a freelance host, she is specialized in topics all around digitalization and is especially fascinated by the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence and IoT.




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