Schedule 2020

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  • Day 1: From No-Code ML to Artificial General Intelligence

  • Day 2: French-German Cooperation Workshop

  • In Paris and online

  • This session will address LEAM, an initiative that fosters the development of large AI models in Europe, to stay competitive in an ecosystem currently led by the USA and China.

  • This session will present the different steps of creating an AI project within a company: use case identification, data strategy before implementing AI, and other critical steps.

  • No-code and low-code software development are approaches which makes AI development and implementation accessible to users without prior technical training. Applied to AI, it usually automates the process of cleaning data and making predictions from it, to optimize companies’ workflows.

  • This session will present what could be the future of AI: Artificial General Intelligence, i.e., artificial intelligence that replicates or exceeds human capabilities.

  • This session will present two aspects of the digital transition. First, how to manage the technical transition of companies to AI-driven companies. Second, how to ensure that this transition is welcomed by teams working within the companies.

  • Few shot, One shot and Zero Shot learning are different methods of ML which use less data than usual ML methods to build AI models. There are several advantages to these, such as cost-effectiveness or lower environmental impact.

  • Get together, coffee, getting to know each other.

  • Introduction to historical cooperation between France and Germany, presentation of open calls, presentation of future calls.

  • The success stories will present the different sides of working on a french-german project: application, the challenges of working in bilateral teams etc.

  • The success stories will present the different sides of working on a french-german project: application, the challenges of working in bilateral teams etc.

  • Exchanges at tables dedicated to topics treated by the open calls.



The AIxIA keynotes, talks, discussions and state-of-the art use cases will cover two topics:

AI & Industries

From predicting malfunctions of machines and finding root causes to next-level process automation for production lines – AI technology has led to major improvements in manufacturing. Besides, we see that close human-robot collaboration is in advance. AI can reinforce the collaboration by “humanizing” the robot behavior. At the conference, we will look into how these innovations massively boost business success AND can have a positive environmental impact – the reduction of waste and energy usage are just two examples.
Another aspect that will be covered is AI within the food industry. According to forecasts, humanity will need around 70 percent more food by 2050, than we produce today. AI solutions can help farmers to grow food more efficiently and at the same time in a more environmentally friendly way.

AI & Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic. An industry-wide shift is occurring which leads companies to include environmental sustainability goals in their corporate strategies. Companies must be aware of their footprint and what they can do to reduce it. The AI use cases presented in this session focus on these issues with a focus on energy, water, and resources.

Join the AIxIA 2020

Learn more about applications of Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing, agriculture, energy, water and resources.

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